Travel Tips
Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Hotel Reservations Where you stay is imperative to get the best from your holiday. So, choosing the right hotel in Sri Lanka is vital, and with Tangerine Tours you have a diverse array, each with all the amenities and conveniences you require as standard too. From luxury resorts, beachside villas, small boutique hotels, mountain hideaways to architectural landmarks, ayurveda centres, wellness spas, plantation bungalows, tea factories, traditional dwellings, the list continues: Just tell us your preferences and your budget, and we will arrange accommodation that will suit your needs to perfection. Whether you are an independent traveller, a family or a group you will be assured of the best service at all times, thanks to the reputation and trust we have built over the years with the properties we offer you.

Travel & Transport

buy Pregabalin online To ensure that your travel in Sri Lanka is everything you wish for, we have a dedicated and trained team of personnel at your service, anytime. Whether you are looking for a short hop to or from the airport or touring around the island, you can be assured that your travel needs would be met to complete satisfaction. You can choose to ride in luxury or settle for standard comfort. Our fleet includes cars and SUVs including luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz Montero & Prado; High Roof Dual AC Micro Vans, Mini Coaches and Luxury Coaches. They are ready 24/7 to offer you transport with a knowledgeable tour guide/driver to attend to your queries too.

Location, Time Difference & Visa Requirements Sri Lanka is at the heart of the Indian Ocean below the Southern tip of India and 880km north of the Equator and is 5.30 hours ahead of GMT. Stand at Dondra Head (Devundara), the southernmost point of the island and know that there is nothing, simply nothing between you and Antarctica except the vast, unending ocean: a truly astounding point to mull over. All passengers visiting Sri Lanka except those holding Singapore or Maldives passports must obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) prior to enter the country. The ETA can be applied through the website WWW.ETA.GOV.LK with a processing fee. Travellers who wish to visit Sri Lanka without prior ETA approval must report to the ETA issuing counter upon arrival to fill in the ETA application form and pay the relevant ETA processing fee.

When to Visit

go to site Our unique tropical paradise has much to offer whatever month you wish to plan your trip to Sri Lanka. However, from December to March it is known as the ‘season’ where most foreign guests get away the cold winters to our tropical shores. Early booking is advised if you wish to visit during these months as accommodation will be in high demand around the island. These months are also the ideal time for beach holidays, as the seas are generally calm and safer. April to September is best if you are visiting the cultural triangle and during July and August the hill capital of Kandy hosts the legendary pageant – the Kandy Perahera.

Food A heady mix of influences from the West and the East makes the cuisine of our island vastly varied in taste, type and style. Inherently spicy or exquisitely sweet you will encounter everything from the intriguingly exotic to the happily familiar. From croissants to curry, pies to pittu, roasts to roti and of course everything in between too. While the staple of the land, the traditional rice and curry is still the forerunner, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Malaysian, Thai as well as Western franchises such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and others are all available in the main cities giving you a wide choice of fare. For a delectable array of seafood, the coastal regions are simply unparalleled.

Weather In Sri Lanka A tropical island lying just north of the Equator, in Sri Lanka one can always rely on the sun to make an appearance. Ruled by the monsoons, the seasons divide the land into wet and dry zones: the South-western monsoon from May to August and the North-easterly Monsoon from October to January. But showers never keep to schedule and unexpected storms provide blessed respite from the heat and humidity of the tropics. While the Indian Ocean stays at around 27°C all year round, the temperatures on land vary, ranging from 27°C in coastal areas to 16°C ‘up country’; here you can go from blistering heat in the dry zones to frosty cold up in the mountain regions in a matter of a few short hours.

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